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Evidence-based, personalized coaching that works for your body and allows you to achieve results that last.

I've been in your shoes...

After a severe sports injury in high school left me in constant pain, I searched for relief and a way to get my body to do what I wanted it to do. Doctors told me the injury was unfixable. I was frustrated, and found myself wondering: will I really live the rest of my life this way?

Fitness helped me move forward – and it can help you, too.

As I recovered from two surgeries to fix my injury, movement, strength, and mobility helped heal my body and mind, and empowered me to accomplish more than I ever thought possible. 


As I got stronger, I also discovered the power of a key component that I had been missing - nutrition - in helping me build the body I needed to live the life I wanted.

Now, I am in control of my health. And I can help you get there, too.
My Training Approach
After rigorous testing on myself and clients around the world, I created the Poelhuis Coaching Protocol to empower people just like you to build the body they need to live the life they want. This method incorporates four critical aspects of health in every plan:


Every body is different. That’s why I am committed to helping you find the training style that motivates you, excites you, and gets results! I specialize in bodyweight strength and functional training to help individuals feel strong, confident, and capable in a body they love.



You are what you eat!

Nutrition is the driving force behind any fitness related goal.  to your preferences, your training, and your lifestyle. We’ll focus on finding foods that are delicious and exciting to eat, while tailoring your plan for your preferences, training, and lifestyle.



Recovery is the most underrated aspect of health and fitness. In a fast-paced world full of stress, rest and relaxation is essential to calming the mind and preparing the body for peak performance. Finding the right balance is key, and will be a prominent feature of your training program.

Mindset Coaching


Your mindset determines your success. Consistency is key to helping you reach any goal, whether you want to lose weight, build strength or muscle, or develop lifelong healthy habits, and you can make small changes over time to achieve those goals. 

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You have the power to build the body and life that you want.

And I can help you get there. Together, we can work to achieve your best health and develop the habits that will maintain your results for a lifetime. It’s the last fitness plan you’ll ever need – so let’s work together and discover what’s possible! 


+31 6 226 114 96

Javakade 174
1019 RW
Amsterdam NL

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