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Evidence-based, personalized fitness coaching that works for your body and allows you to achieve results that last.

healthy body. healthy mind. endless possibilities.

Does this sound like you?

  • Knowing you need to improve your health, but struggling to get started

  • ​Cycling through programs that don’t actually deliver results

  • Lacking confidence in your body and your ability to make healthy choices

  • ​Struggling to build habits that actually last 

Without the right fitness plan, you’ll end up frustrated and defeated as you struggle to make progress. You’ve exhausted your options, and you’re wondering if it’s even possible to achieve your goals. 


You deserve clarity about how your body works, and a plan to help you achieve the results you want. 


Ready to discover the last fitness plan you’ll ever need? 

I’m Ashley, founder and owner of Poelhuis Performance Coaching.

When you work with me, you get personalized coaching that guides you in achieving your goals – whether that’s building strength, achieving your ideal physique, or improving your health and wellness for good. 

With individualized fitness coaching, you'll:

  • Get A Plan: Get daily, step-by-step actions laid out in a unique plan that’s curated for YOUR body and YOUR specific goals.

  • ​Gain Confidence: Confidence comes when our outside matches the vision we have of ourselves in our head. Through coaching, learn how to align that version of yourself with how you look and feel.

  • Achieve Long-Term Success: Sustain your success for a lifetime by designing the life you want through intentional habits built around nutrition, movement, mindset, and recovery.


Free Download: Meal Building 101

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Don’t waste another minute on fitness plans that weren’t built with you in mind. 

Get coaching with Poelhuis Performance Coaching and empower yourself to live the life you want in a body you love. 


Ready to start your health journey? 

1. Get Coaching

Submit a brief application outlining your health goals, and we will schedule a call where we’ll discuss your application to determine if online coaching with me is the right fit.   

2. Design Your Plan

Together, we’ll design a customized fitness program based around training, nutrition, and recovery to help you achieve your specific health goals. We'll check in online weekly to track your progress, and you’ll have 24/7 messaging access to me so you’re never alone in your journey. 

3. Establish Healthy Habits

No more yo-yo dieting or New Year’s resolutions. With Poelhuis Performance Coaching, you’ll be seen through your goals, and get empowered with the tools and mindset you need to get and keep the results you deserve. 


Why Poelhuis Performance Coaching? 

I’ve been in your shoes. After an injury in high school left me in chronic pain for two years, I was in the same place you might be in now: exhausted, frustrated, and defeated, stuck in a cycle I couldn’t escape. 


But during an empowering recovery process after two surgeries, I discovered what my body was really capable of. I learned that I could take control of my health and wellness. Now, I have achieved more than I ever thought possible. Because I’ve seen the effects in my own life, I am dedicated to helping you discover what’s possible for yourself, too. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology specializing in Behavior Change

  • ​Certified as a personal trainer in 2014

  • ​GSS Prenatal and postnatal training certified 

  • ​Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

  • Always pursuing continuing education to be informed and up to date on the most effective methods and research.

Still wondering if this will really work for you?

I guarantee results – after all, this should be the last fitness plan you ever need! If you’re putting in the work but not seeing the results you want, I offer a money-back guarantee agreement, provided you complete all required steps as outlined in your contract. 


Happy Clients

"Ashley has been an incredible personal trainer since we started three years ago. She takes a holistic approach to personal training that includes focusing on physical fitness, mental and emotional health, diet and nutrition, and rest. This holistic focus and her unwavering support, push, and understanding have helped me reach some daunting weight loss goals. I absolutely recommend working with Ashley if you have your own weight loss, fitness, or lifestyle change goals."

- Alex G.


"After years of struggling to lose weight by myself with very little results, I've contacted Ashley and she has proven to be nothing less than a miracle worker. In just five short months I've managed to reach my ideal weight and go from a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle to eating better, exercising 4-5 times/week and actually enjoying it. Having Ashley to guide me through this whole process and keep me accountable has proven invaluable. I've found her to be the perfect mix of tough and encouraging and our weekly workouts have become something I really look forward to. In short Ashley is great and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to improve themselves! She's friendly, knowledgeable and most of all, effective."
- Bogdana V.


"I am learning with Ashley how to set up healthy goals in terms of nutrition and workout without changing my entire life (which is super important to me). I am really happy with what I have achieved so far thanks to Ashley and can't wait to see what the future will bring me. If you are looking for a reliable, professional, and 'fun-to-work 'coach Ashley is your woman!"

- Claire L.

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